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Smart Electric Heaters in Kings Lynn

Recently new technologies have now allowed us to improve heating our homes by up to half the price. Making a huge saving on your energy bills.

New smart wi-fi heaters use smart and extremely efficient thermostats to monitor each room of your house individually within 0.01*C accuracy. Each radiator has its own 7 day programmable control built in to each radiator giving you full and unlimited control over your heating and running costs.

We are pleased to announce that C.R.C Electrical are now Intelli Heat smart electric heating authorised installers

Tired of your unsightly inefficient heating system? 

You may very well have seen or heard news that Gas, Oil, and LPG boilers have being phased out, and will be banned in the UK from 2025. Understandably, you might be wondering what this means for you and your home, office, or shop.

The UK electricity grid is rapidly decarbonising and within a few years electricity will be greener than gas, oil, and LPG, the good news is that you can now replace it with contemporary energy efficient ranges from Intelli Heat. Get creative with different styles and designs, with flawless finishes and advanced features, Intelli Heat smart radiators can transform the way you heat your home. From simple to sophisticated, no matter what you require, we have it all.

Quality and efficiency are always guaranteed, no matter which products you choose. You can even run your INTELLI HEAT Electric Heating system with our solar panels installation.


Reasons to choose Intelliheat electric smart radiators: 

Affordable low carbon heating alternative to storage heaters, oil, LPG
Electric Heating systems are compatible to run from our solar panels
Highly responsive interface for easy controllability of your smart electric central heating
Fully compliant with the energy efficiency requirements of the latest Building Regulations
Heat available on demand where & when you need it with dedicated cloud-based Heating
Unique ECODESIGN energy efficient features
Fully compliant with the energy efficiency requirements of the latest Building Regulations
Service and maintenance free
Superior level of quality & reliability
INTELLIHEAT Heating Management System in multi rooms

Choosing the right electric heating control is just as important as choosing an energy efficient heating system.

Our Intelli Heat Heating Management System zoning options allow easy grouping by room or floors. You can use the built-in heating plans to create a comfortable environment, allowing building owners to remotely control heating in rooms according to occupancy. Intelli Heat system has been proven to reduce heating bills by up to 30%.  The iSense Heating Management Control System work with all Intelli Heat electric radiators.





iSense wifi electric radiators energy saving feature

Tired of your unsightly inefficcient and costly heating system? 

Whether you require heating for the whole house or just a few rooms, CRC Electrical can supply the ideal Electric Central heating system for your requirements, the complete heating solution to consume 100% of the renewable energy you produce. If you have any question about removal of your old heating system, please don’t hesitate to Contact us.  

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If you have any questions about removal of your old heating system (Oil, LPG, Gas, or Storage heaters), and installation of new electric heating system (affordable, efficient, future-proof) please don’t hesitate to Contact us.